Electoral Map Daily Compass: Hillary's Alamo

The Electoral Map's must-read for the day is this fascinating Washington Post article "Obama's Red-State Prospects Unclear." Here's an excerpt:

"The red states where [Obama] has won have tended to be in the Deep South, where victories were based on overwhelming support from African Americans, or in mostly white states in the Midwest and West, where he relied on a core of ardent backers to carry him in caucuses, which favor candidates with enthusiastic supporters. He has not fared as well in areas that fall in between, with populations that are racially diverse but lack a black population large enough to boost Obama to victory."

In other electoral map news:

Lastly, Bill Clinton told ABC News' Rick Klein and Sarah Amos, "If she wins Texas and Ohio I think she will be the nominee. If you don't deliver for her, I don't think she can be." With that in mind, Burnt Orange Report has a phenomenally detailed breakdown of Texas' demographics.

A blogger named MattTX, who runs a site called LoneStarProject.com, separates Texas into eight regions: Austin, Border/South, Hill Country-Central, East-Central, East, Houston-Galveston, North Texas and West Texas. He predicts that Barack Obama will win Austin, Houston-Galveston and North Texas, while Hillary Clinton will take Border/South, Hill Country-Central, East-Central, East and West Texas.

Texas Demographics

Texas Demographics

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