Obamas Wins From Foxhall to Fort Dupont

Our friends at DCist have a great map showing that Barack Obama won every precinct in the District. DCist blogger Adam Bailey writes:

“Though the map may appear as if Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) did well in many Northwest neighborhoods, she only managed to keep Obama under 60 percent of the vote in ten precincts. Her strongest showing was Precinct 3, the neighborhood including the Watergate, some G.W. housing, and the Foggy Bottom Historic District; but she still lost to Obama in a 275-243 vote.”

Hillary also did well up around Foxhall and Glover Park, but Bailey advises not to read into the demographics of those communities too deeply:

“We'll leave you readers to interpret the results, but recommend against the folly of divvying the results into class, social, or racial categories. District voters are largely in agreement about their preferred presidential candidate, and braying about the difference between one neighborhood that voted 65 percent for Obama and another that voted 72 percent would be silly.”

It's an impressive map, and props to Bailey for pulling it together. Below is the screen shot, but if you want more analysis visit DCist or his mashup on Google Maps.



D.C. Democratic Electoral Map D.C. Democratic Electoral Map